2D/3D Artist and Game Developer


Made in a week

Discover 13 random facts about me. I wanted to experiment with this artstyle more than create an actual "game".

Worked on: design, code, art, everything

Download here

VR Lounge

Made in 2 days for the 2015 ZooMachines festival

VR Lounge is based around the concept of relaxation and aims to do the opposite of what VR games usually have to offer: a calm, soothing experience, in which you just have to lie down and enjoy the view (and look kinda silly while doing it).

Made with: Pol Clarissou and Héloise Lozano

Worked on: Night scene and Beach scene

Download here

Your Darkest Thoughts

Made in 4 days as a warmup

A small cathartic experience to help you express your deepest thoughts and worries with no need to hold back.

Worked on: design, code, art, everything

Play here

Gossips at the Court

Designed in 2 days (and art made in 3 additional days) for the Headstart 2015 Jam

A card game in which you have to gather gossips on everybody without getting caught.

Worked on: design, art, everything

Download here


Made in 2 weeks for the Pet Jam 2015

You have to take care of your small gesit until it's ready to join the afterlife. Each gesit has its own most and least favorite food, so be careful what you feed them!

Worked on: design, code, 3d models, animation, everything

Play here


2 months internship - summer 2015

I worked remotely for Tourmaline on their game Onirigami, a 2 player children's game for tablets, played by moving real toys over the tablet.

Made with: Tourmaline

Worked on: polishing of the mangrove level (3d models, textures, animation, shaders, particles) + concept arts and first assets of the beach level (3d models, shaders, textures, particles)


//// SIGMA ////

Game made in two weeks for Hits Playtime 2015

SIGMA is an exploration game in which we wanted the player to experience space travel at a larger, more authentic scale.

Made with: Pol Clarissou, Héloïse Lozano and Flex Roman.

Worked on: Original idea with Pol, UI, some shaders (striped planets), some 3d models (spaceship, satellite, sputnik), sound tweaking, trailer.

Play here


Made in 72h for the 31st Ludum Dare

With Chewpi.net, discover what's behind your screen ! And prevent everything from falling apart !

Made with: Pol Clarissou

Worked on: 3d, texturing, animation, particles, some sound FX.

Ferdinand Laboite

Game and controller made in 48h for the 2014 ZooMachines festival

Play with his brain, and help him live a normal life by making him eat his lunch, watch TV, take a bath, and so on.

Ferdinand was at the Alt.Ctrl.GDC 2015 in San Francisco and A.MAZE 2015 in Berlin!

Made with: Pol Clarissou, Delphine Fourneau, Armel Gibson, Lucie Viatgé and Mickaël Verbeke.

Worked on: Original idea with Lucie, model and textures for Ferdinand, some things in the box, some voice acting.



Some other jams I've taken part of, by myself or with friends.


Graduation game project

Quur is a game in which we want the player to understand that there are ways to solve a situation without the need to be violent. Everything in this world is made of a substance called Color, which is the player's main life and power resource.

Made with: Caroline Bitterly, Héloïse Lozano, Dante Medina, Thibaud Troalen, Lucie Viatgé and Arthur Vilain

Worked on: shaders, visual FX, particles, UI, character design, some environment design (3d models and textures)


The Magical Race

A UE4 racing map based on magical girls and princesses *:・゚✧

Made with: Lucie Viatgé and Pierre Mervaillie

Worked on: 3d models, textures, materials (kiosk, tunnel)

The Endless Crossing (working title)

A solo project based on exploration, crafting and trade

My main intention on this project is to offer some kind of a game in which you can fully customize your character from head to toes and explore a forest to find some new materials to craft new clothes. By wandering through the forest you can also meet avatars of other players who'll gladly trade with you some materials.

For the moment there's nothing playable I'm still trying to set the right mood I want for the forest and the character design, so here are some sketches and screens from the first tests.

Geist (aborted)

School project about communicating with a ghost with a ouija board and tarot cards

With Ugo Trelis we wanted to create a ghost story in which the player finds himself stuck in the only house of a small and deserted island, and has to communicate with the invisible and inaudible ghost that haunts it. To do so, he can use a ouija board, which allows him to "listen" to the ghost, and a deck of tarot cards, with which he can ask simple questions to it. Unfortunately the concept didn't make it through the jury's selection, and as much as I want to work on it the project will probably never be completed.

I made the whole Unity scene by myself (3d models, textures, image effects...)


A Unity scene in which you visit a cave and learn about some ancient rituals.

This is a level design and storytelling assignment we had that I decided to base on Australian aboriginal paintings, and which was then turned into a Unity scene.

Please note that even though it is heavily inspired by Australian Aboriginal culture, it is not its purpose to depict an accurate representation of it.

First prototype available. Still in development.




3D Work

2D Work

  • Typhaine Uro
  • France
  • 2D/3D Game Artist (and novice in dev)
  • 5th year of study at Supinfogame
  • Part of french collective Klondike
  • 2015 - 2 month internship with Tourmaline on Onirigami.
  • 2014 - 2 month internship at the Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie (Paris)
  • In my spare time - Game jams and personal game projects which you can find here.
  • Since summer 2011 - Activity leader in Telligo summer camps (teaching kids about videogames and organizing other fun activities!)
  • 3D modeling, unwrapping, texturing, and a bit of rigging, skinning and animating
  • Integration in Unity, Shader Forge, particle systems, visual FX
  • 2D assets and very basic 2D animation
  • Defining an interesting visual identity, creating mockups
  • Team management
  • A bit of C# (Unity), HTML5 and CSS

    Games as an artistic and expressive medium (to share personal experiences, to say something to people) - History and Art, especially archaeology, expressionism and outsider art - Horror movies, literature and videogames - Children's and physical games, and anything related to playfulness - Cute games (e.g. dress ups) - DIY and crafty projects - Other weird stuff