Violence is not always your best option

Quur is a 3D action adventure game, in which your actions have a direct impact on the environment and the creatures.

The world revolves around a colorful liquid, the Color, that acts as both the life and power source for the creatures of Quur and yourself.

By using Color, you can either fight your way through the world, and watch how you're slowly destroying it, or try to understand how the creatures behave, and embrace Quur's ecosystem.



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A game by

Caroline Bitterly

Design, Narration and Level Building

Dante Medina

Design, Narration and Level Design

Thibaud Troalen

Programming and Project Management

Arthur Vilain

Design and Programming

Héloïse Lozano

3D Art, Environment Art and Level Building

Typhaine Uro

FX, Shaders, UI Design and 3D Art

Lucie Viatgé

Concept Art, 3D Art and Animation

External team

Marc Enciso

Sound Design and Music

Aurore Fiorini

Additional Animation

Job Jacela

Additional Programming

Samuel Poumeyrol

Audio Mastering